Kogetsu's Information

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Kogetsu's Information

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:28 pm

Requirements: N/A
Type: Balance
Style: All Purpose
Range: Short
Attack: A
Durability: A
Weightlessness: C
Function: Out of the three Attacker Triggers, Kogetsu boasts the highest offensive power, and it is more durable than Scorpion, making it possible to intercept attacks with it without the blade risking to break. A single swing of Kogetsu can generally break a focused Shield without effort. Once the trigger is activated, it cannot be be reverted to storage trion, however it can be turn "offline" by making it dull and fragile, still it weighs the user down and can become a liability. It can be reverted to lost trion, and to restore the trigger, it requires the complete recreation of a new Kogetsu.
Affect by or to Stats: N/A
Specific Optional Triggers:

  • Senkū: Equips onto Kogetsu, and allows the blade to change shape for a short period of time to increase the range of the attack
  • Gen'yō: Has minimal manipulation on the tip of Kogetsu, uses far less trion than Kogetsu.


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