Scorpion's Information

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Scorpion's Information

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:51 pm

Requirements: N/A
Type: Attack
Style: Surprise Attack
Range: Short
Attack: A
Durability: D
Weightlessness: A
Function: The Scorpion has an offensive power comparable to the Kogetsu, but has much lower durability, which causes it to crack and break if it clashes multiple times. It is capable of shapeshifting into anything the user desire and its ability to change its shape is determined by the user's own skills and trion level. It can be easily turned off, and turned back on given a higher level of skill. Multitude of techniques can be used with Scorpion.
Affect by or to Stats: N/A
  • Mole Claw: Pushes Scorpion through a surfaces and forces the blade to turn and suddenly sprout out, causing a effective surprise attack.
  • Leg Blade: The User covers or replaces a portion of his/her leg with Scorpion and turns it into a blade.
  • Branch Blade: The user splits Scorpion in multiple blades inside his/her body and sprouts them from different locations.
  • Mantis: The user extends the Scorpion's range by combining two Scorpions together. Mostly used as if it was a whip.


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