Raygust's Information

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Raygust's Information

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:00 pm

Requirements: N/A
Type: Defense
Style: Heavy Equip
Range: Short
Normal Attack: B
Normal Durability: B
Normal Weightlessness: D
Shield Mode Attack: E
Shield Mode: SS
Shield Mode: D
Function: The Raygust is much more durable than Scorpion or Kogetsu in exchange for having less offensive and movement ability due to weight. It can change into a shield form that maximizes durability in exchange for little to no offensive ability. Much more durible than the shield trigger, and can be used as a riot shield if need be.
Affect by or to Stats: N/A
Specific Optional Triggers:

  • Thruster: It uses trion to propel the blade like a rocket, allowing for high-speed attacks and limited compensation for Raygust's heft factor.
  • Blade Mode: Similar to the built in "Shield Mode", but instead increases attack and speed in exchange for decrease durability and defense.


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