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Gunners use triggers that are in the shape of firearms, usually in the shape of Handguns, Assault Rifles, or Shotguns. Each one of these firearms can hold up to two different types of Gunner Triggers, however, for each one of these triggers, they occupy one separate slot in the trigger holder. The trigger is only active while the firearm is shooting trion bullets, otherwise the firearm will have to be carried around. To further clarify, this seems that if same firearm frame is place into both hand slots, it would not count toward to the up to two rule mentioned prior, and in theory it would provide up to 4 different triggers with the same firearm frame. All the bullets with the trigger are all preset and cannot be altered mid-battle, however it allows for rapid-fires with ease and 20% further distance maximum, while consuming less trion when compared to Shooters.

Shooters have no firearms to use to shoot the bullets, instead they create trion cubes, then separate them into bullets which they fire. The details of the bullet; speed, distance, and power can be altered any time before the bullets have been fired. This makes Shooters have greater flexibility in battle, especially on how opponents cannot immediately identify the trajectory of the shot from the barrel of the firearm, however, it requires greater processing ability to tune the bullets to perfection in battle. In addition, Shooters can combine two separate, not necessarily different, gunner triggers together and form a composition trigger, although it is a difficult technique to perform even in practice.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but generally speaking, they are the same, and if the triggers are used properly, it can dispel the disadvantages, and even boost the advantages.


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